Server Opened


Server Opened

New Server S12 E2 is opened!
Stats do not delete after reset, dynamic exp and unique bonuses after grand reset.

Game Specs:
Version: S12 E2
Experience: x120
Drop: 50%
Stats: 65,000
Points per level: 5/5/7
Max. level (regular/master): 400/800 

Reset System:
Only via website;
Reset costs 1 million zen * reset;
Stats are not reset;
Max resets 1000;

Grand reset system:
Only via website;
At least 1000 resets are needed (only 1000 will be deducted, the rest remain intact);
Grand reset costs 2 billion zen;
Stats are reset;

Party system:

Experience increase by nearby members

Members Experience
2 x2
3 x3
4 x4
5 x5

Experience by sets of character classes

Set Experience
DW, DK, ELF x3
x3 + MG x4
x4 + DL/RF/Sum/GL x5