Update #1


Update #1


We have added a launcher to our client and download links with the recent changes. Make sure to download it, because other updates willl be delivered through the auto-updater.


As you can see, we have create a Discord server for our server. This is a place for our community to be able to communicate with each other. Sometime later, we'll add more rooms.

Changes to maps

We have updated Arena and Lorencia maps. Arena now has a lot more cages for different spots.. Lorencia has a PVP ring and it is a more clean map overall. Both maps don't have stuttering/lags anymore.

Better shops/new spots

We have reduced the quality of items in shops, since there were items that people just couldn't afford.
With the new map, come new spots. We have added new spots to our Arena map, here is the list:

  • Lord Silverster (147, 227)
  • Dark Coolutin (172, 227)
  • Dark Mammoth (196, 227)
  • Narcondra (221, 227)
  • Bloody Witch Queen (147, 207)
  • Bloody Death Rider (172, 207)
  • Uruk Devil Fairy (196, 207)
  • Orcus (221, 207)
  • Debenter Devilfairy (147, 187)
  • Genocider (172, 187)
  • Crypta (196, 187)
  • Great Drakan (221, 187)
  • Berserker (148, 167)
Server configuration
  1. Off-leveling is disabled;
  2. Monsters regen time is set to 0 for all monsters;

Shop is coming very soon, so stay tuned. Once it is ready, there will be news about it, explaining everything you need to know.